TFT – Top 8 Best Items in Set 2

We are a few weeks into ranked being up and running for Set 2, during this time it’s become quite obvious which items outclass all the rest.

Not all of the top tier items are good on every champion and depends greatly on your teams composition and the champion you use as a carry or tank (that you put items on).

Here’s The 8 Best items in Set 2:

This is just my personal list and they are not in any particular order apart from Mages Cap being first as it’s definitely the most OP. The rest are just strong items in random order as they are based on what you are playing and who you are versing most of the time.

Mages Cap (Spatula + Tear)

This item is just busted on quite a few champions, and absolutely hilarious on others.

Just get your 3 star thresh a mages cap, deathcap and shojihn to witness an absolute fiesta.

This item works very well on Annie as she drops two tibbers, Malphite as his double knockup is incredibly strong and of course zed because you want to be a jerk and spawn 10+ Zeds on the enemy’s back line.

Phantom Dancer  (Bow + Armor)

This item just hard counters certain champions and team comps.

You can place it on your backline to bait assassans and tank a ton of damage. Throw it on a Skarner with crystal buff, place him in the back corner (opposite the assassans) and watch him tank everybody while the rest of your team kills his front line.

Specific Champions That Are Hard Countered:

  1. Khazix – His ability causes him to crit.
  2. Nocturne – Many people stack infinity edges on nocturne making him 60%+ crit chance, with a phantom dancer you may as well be slapping them with a wet fish.
  3. Orn – His ability causes champions to have a higher % chance of being crit.

Specific Items Phantom Dancer is Strong Against:

  1. Jewelled Gauntlet – This item allows abilities to crit which will get blocked by phantom dancer.
  2. Infinity Edge – Adds more crit chance, very common item on assassans.
  3. Brawlers Gloves – Any offensive item built from brawlers gloves will give 20% extra crit chance giving a champion at least a 45% chance of having their auto attacks blocked.

Seraphs Embrace (Tear + Tear)

This is is very good when you want your champion to use their ability very quickly such as brand because it will destroy the enemy backline before they get much damage off.

You can also use it to get mana back after each use of your champions ability which is very good on Khazix and Kindred and perhaps ezreal. Most other champions I would prefer a shojihns as it will generally be much more effective.

Because it gives back 20 mana it can be super effective on champions that have low mana pools like the ones mentioned above however I don’t recommend it on Kogmaw as Ludens Echo is just far superior in my opinion.

Shojihn (Sword + Tear)

Ahh this items is probably my favourite. I always love to build it on Zyra and Qiyanna if I am running them in my comp. It’s just a super strong item and can also be good on champions like Brand or even summoners such as Malzahar or Zed (Soooo many Zeds!).

I try to avoid this on champions with low mana pools as it gives an additional 18% mana per auto attack which is amazing on champions with 100+ mana.

You can also combine this item with a Runaans Hurricane to double it’s effect (assuming the bolt is in range to hit someone).

Rabadons Deathcap ( Large Rod + Large Rod)

Not much to be said here other than it’s just an incredibly powerful item for mages like Brand as it gives 75% additional ability damage.

This also works on non damage abilities such as Thresh shield or Nasus ultimate.

For a laugh I would highly recommend 3 deathcaps on a 3 star Nasus. Watching him keep generating 2.5k+ health is just so satisfying – even if you lose.

Runaans Hurricane (Bow + Magic Resist)

This item is very good on champions like Kogmaw (Can proc predators effect), Vayne as her passive will be used on two champions which is super powerful and any champion that has a Shojihn as it generates double the mana from it (36%).

This is also a great item to use on Olaf as it just increases the likelyhood of stunning multiple targets.

Guinsoos Rageblade

This item doesn’t really need an explanation, it increases attack speed significantly over the course of a battle. Champions whose damage comes mainly from autos work very well with this such as Olaf, Vayne, Nocturne and Blademasters like Sivir.

I have noticed a weird bug when using it on Yasuo, everytime he uses his ability his attack speed was getting reset. This only happened in one game but it completely screwed me over so I would recommend you keep an eye on his attack speed if you are using him to make sure that’s not happening and if it is you’ll want to change the item to someone else.


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